Learn About Our Core values

Professional and clean

Urban Serve adhere to the highest standard of professionalism and cleanliness. We always strive to arrive on time, finish task within a given time and conduct ourselves in a professional manner. Our cleaners are highly trained, courteous and encouraged to uphold the values of the company at all times.

Exceptional quality

Urban Serve provide the highest quality services second to none. We use top quality products, equipment’s and chemicals and adhere to industry service standards.  For a peace of mind, we undertake after service job satisfactory evaluations for every task completed.

Integrity and honesty

Because we operate in personal spaces, we place integrity and honesty at the top of our core values. We practice integrity and honesty in every aspect our operations starting from service quality, time, pricing and most importantly security.

Proudly South African

Urban Serve roots are grounded within the unique South African culture of diversity, Ubuntu, and embracing every persons of different background.  We are fully committed to project South Africa.

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